Safety Centre

of the LMU faculty of physics (Garching),
LEX Photonics and CALA

Safety Courses and Tests

Work Safety Course

This course contains general safety instructions and information everyone must know, including fire protection, first aid and basic laboratory rules. Not only in the labs, but also when you are only working in an office, you should ensure your workstation is comfortable and safe. This begins with avoidance of back pain and leads all the way to awareness of escape routes in case of danger. Besides this, there are basic laboratory rules you need to know.

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Laser Safety Course

This laser safety course has to be passed by those working with any kind of laser in our laboratories.
Even though (or perhaps because) lasers are very popular, their danger especially for the eye is often underestimated. This course will heighten your awareness of the risks of working with lasers, especially high power class 4 lasers, and will enable you to minimize these risks for yourself and your colleagues.

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Radiation Safety Course

Working with X-rays or ionising radiation using a radioactive source or an accelerator requires special instruction, the details of which are outlined in the Radiation Protection Act and in the Radiation Protection Ordinance. It may sound complicated, but the clear rules and the measuring equipment we have (e.g. dose rate meters) are quite easy to handle, making work with radioactivity safe.

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